Interpersonal Communication

Directions – Review chapters 4, 8, 9, and 11 and the attached conversation titled “Grandma, please, not now, OK?” and respond to all of the following questions/prompts in an essay:

· Chapter 4:

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Interpersonal Communication
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o Review the Common Tendencies in Perception in your textbook. Pick one of these Common Tendencies that Iris is reflecting when she is communicating with Jamal and explain how it is affecting her perception process. Pick a different one of these Common Tendencies that Jamal is doing when she is communicating with Iris and explain how it is affecting his perception process. Remember to explain the tendencies that you pick before explaining how evidence from the conversation script shows them doing these tendencies.

· Chapter 8:

o Review the section on Irrational Thinking patterns in your textbook specifically the fallacies of thinking (fallacies of perfection, approval, should, overgeneralization, causation, helplessness, catastrophic expectations). What is one fallacious thinking pattern that you see Jamal exhibiting in this conversation script? What is one fallacious thinking pattern that you see Iris exhibiting in this conversation script? When answering, briefly define the fallacies that you choose before explaining the examples and evidence that you select from the conversation script to support your answer.

· Chapter 9:

o Review the Stages of Coming Together in your textbook (initiating, experimenting, intensifying, integrating, and bonding). At which stage are Jamal and Iris? At which stage are Jamal and Daniela? Also review the five Stages of Coming Apart in your textbook (differentiating, circumscribing, stagnating, avoiding, and terminating). What stage are Jamal and Daniela in? When answering these questions remember to define the stage in your own words and to give examples/details from the conversation and your own explaination of why these examples/details fit the stages you picked for these characters’ relationships.

o Where do the dialectical tensions of integration/separation, stability/change, and expression/privacy show up in this conversation? Give one specific example for each tension pair from the conversation. Remember to define each dialectical tension in your words before explaining your different examples.

· Chapter 11:

o Your text describes five individual conflict styles: avoidance, accommodation, competition, compromise, and collaboration. What is an individual conflict style that is used by Iris at the beginning of the conversation? What individual conflict style that Jamal uses with Iris? Give an example of a way in which Jamal might have responded to Daniela using passive aggressive behavior? Remember to define each the conflict styles you are using before explaining your different examples.

Special Notes:

* The introduction paragraph should be brief (i.e., at Maximum a half a page) and do the following things:

a. Attract the reader’s attention (e.g., ask a question, give a relevant quotation, make an observation).

b. Name the two people and summarize their situation in one short sentence or two.

c. Give the names of the terms and concepts from the book that you will discuss in this paper.

* To answer the essay questions, first, define the concept briefly in your own words, second, explain your answer with evidence from the script, and third, explain how the evidence you use fits the term from the book as you define it.

* Body paragraphs need a minimum of four sentences. Start a new paragraph when you shift to different topics or sub areas of your topic (i.e., no two page-long paragraphs and no paragraph-long sentences).

* The conclusion should briefly rename topics that you discussed in the paper and give a final thought on the conversation you just analyzed. This paragraph can be three short sentences. For more information on Interpersonal Communication check on this :

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