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Articles: First, look for some articles online written by journalists from popular newspapers or magazines (e.g., Psychology Today, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, Science News Daily, Vox, Slate, Vice, NPR, PBS, etc.). Choose 2 articles, each from a different popular news source/magazine, that meet the following criteria (they must meet all 3):

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Popular News Sources
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The articles must be about Psychology in some way.
The articles must discuss a topic you’re interested in (like the ones described above).
The articles must discuss an empirical, peer-reviewed research article (i.e., NOT a review/meta-analysis article or editorial) that you can look up (usually the research article will be linked within the popular news/magazine article or cited at the end).


Second, copy-paste the urls of the 2 articles you chose (from step 1) at the beginning of your journal (no need to cite, just paste the full link to the article and make sure it works). Remember, these articles should be written by journalists from popular news sources/magazines, they should NOT be peer-reviewed journal articles themselves (but they should discuss a peer-reviewed article as stated in step 1).



Third, find the peer-reviewed research article that each of the 2 articles you chose from step 1 discusses (either click on the link within the popular news/magazine article or look up the citation given at the end). Once you find the research articles discussed in the articles you chose from step 1, copy-paste the abstracts for each of the peer-reviewed research articles under the url for the 2 respective popular news/magazine articles you chose. Note: the abstract is available without needing to download the article, it will almost always be on the front-page description. Also note: if the popular news/magazine article talks about more than one peer-reviewed research study, just pick one.



Prompt: For each of the popular news/magazine articles you chose (from step 1), write a paragraph (i.e., you should write 2 paragraphs), providing a brief summary of the article and including each of the following:

the purpose of the journalist’s popular news/magazine article
an example from the journalist’s popular news/magazine article that demonstrates what the journalist used to write the story (i.e., Did the journalist read the original source, perhaps quoting from the article? OR Did the journalist interview the author of the paper, perhaps quoting from a conversation with the author? OR Did the journalist copy the story from another journalist, perhaps only quoting from press releases or other popular media sources?, etc.)
an example (if there are any) from the journalist’s popular news/magazine article of an instance where a person’s experience or intuition is being used as evidence
the conclusion of the journalist’s popular news/magazine article
from reading the abstract of the research article (from step 3), does it seem like the journalist’s popular news/magazine did a good job of representing the research? Explain.
In a third paragraph, write a reaction to what you read overall and include some or all of the following:

questions the reading stimulated you to have/things you would like to discuss with your fellow students
things you didn’t understand coupled with a description of your confusion
things that surprised you and why
ideas for a possible application you come up with as a result of the reading
links you made between the reading and an idea or theme in a previous reading or class discussion, a movie you have seen or book you have read, a popular-press article, the material you have discussed in another class, etc.

Heres all 4 articles: (hyperlinks)




https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2021.694038/fullFor more information on popular news sources check on this :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Reliable_sources/Perennial_sources

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