Respect in the Workplace

Respond to the two separate discussion postings with one response to each and include references.

Discussion # 1

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Respect in the Workplace
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In a departmental-wide meeting, the manager was discussing policy and new oversight issues, and her male boss interrupted her and said something that likened, “Can we get this meeting going, or are you going to continue to drawl on?” While some may consider such behavior acceptable in certain male-dominated in industries, I consider such behavior unprofessional, disrespectful, and inappropriate, regardless of gender, cultural, or rank differences. The impact of such negative behavior can have devastating consequences on morale, and contribute to costly turnover, increases in sick leave, or even result in litigation (Society for Human Resource Management [SHRM], n.d.). Her boss’ comment was embarrassing to her and was unproductive. Moreover, his behavior sets an organizational tone that could be construed as behavior that is acceptable and tolerated and contributes to a breakdown in the organization’s overall culture.

Unfortunately, his behavior is not unfamiliar to many toxic workplaces. According to a 2017 survey from Workplace Bullying Institute, 61% of bullies are bosses, 61% of U.S. workers are aware of abusive conduct in the workplace, and to make the bullying stop, 65% of targets leave their jobs (SHRM, n.d.). In other words, bullying is perceived as starting from the top down and largely goes unaddressed in the workplace. Most employees feeling victimized have perceived a lack of appropriate discipline taken, and eventually leave the organization. In this scenario, to my knowledge, the disrespectful boss’ superior made no public reaction, but I hope there was a closed conversation addressing the upper management’s behavior towards his subordinate.

The interrupting manager may have been promoted into his role without the proper training to develop appropriate social skills. However, if his behavior goes ignored, the organization is then condoning such behavior and opens itself to potential legal liabilities beyond the obvious ethical ramifications. An important aspect of job performance includes behavioral expectations. Is the male manager building up his team by creating a collaborative, positive environment? Reminding the manager of specific consequences of not improving his performance should be documented not only as a reference for future corrective action, but to benchmark future improvements. Corrective action could also include civility training to improve the male manager’s business etiquette, cultural sensitivity, and diversity awareness components (SHRM, n.d.). An example of such programs used to help create an inclusive workplace includes the Department of Labor’s “Leading for Respect” or “Respect in the Workplace” (SHRM, n.d.).

In your opinion, do all disruptive behaviors require documentation of the corrective action or conversation, or are there some situations where only a verbal conversation is required?


Society for Human Resource Management. (n.d.). Managing difficult employees and disruptive behaviors.

Discussion #2

I have seen many instances where inappropriate or unethical communication has taken place. My most recent example is starting at T-Mobile and getting used to my managers work style compared to my own. I have always been a team player and am more than happy to work in groups, but for certain tasks I do feel as if I work better alone. This was very different for someone like him, who enjoyed group tasks no matter what they project was. Along with our normal selling duties, we also have trainings we have to do in order to stay up to date on new T-Mobile promotions and products. He would ask that whenever we had free time, we could do our trainings together as a store. This was a bit odd to me because I felt as if we should do this on a personal level and then have a meeting to go over any other questions we had. We tried group trainings for a bit, but eventually I began to go ahead and do trainings on my own when I had free time instead of waiting for the team. It just made more sense to me that if I had time to get it done I should do it instead of waiting. When he found out that I was going ahead in my trainings he began to call me “negative Nancy” and “not a team player” which eventually got under my skin so bad I had a conversation with him about it. He told me that he doesn’t understand why I have such a problem with waiting for the team. I explained to him that I want to utilize my time the best I can, and if I have time to finish a task right away I would like to do it. He understood and I haven’t heard him call me negative, to my face at least, since.

What I found inappropriate about the comments he made was, instead of asking me why I did not want to wait, he called me names to try and make me feel bad. Our readings explain that “approaching generational differences with a blame mentality, which was prevalent with the Millennial Generation, only fosters complaints and derision toward the group instead of focusing on growth-oriented solutions” (Schroth, 2019). Management is supposed to be the leaders of the store, and leaders help their employees feel good about coming to the job. During this time I did not want to come to the job and do my best, I was nervous that any decision I made that did not line up with his thinking would get me called a name. I spoke to him about it and we both adjusted. He now realizes that when I get these tasks done early I have more time to assist guests and hit quotas. If my manager would have gotten to know me better and ask my working style this incident could have been avoided.

Schroth, H. (2019). Are you ready for Gen Z in the workplace? (Links to an external site.) California Management Review, 61(3), 5–18.  For more information on Respect in the Workplace check on this :

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