Test Your Hypothesis

For this paper you have to write a correlational research paper. I have already chosen the topic and did some of the number work. The variables that you will be comparing are physical attractiveness and perceived happiness. I have attached many examples and how to write the paper the way I would like. I also attached a form that tells you about the study I am doing. As well as the excel with all the data from the study. Below I included the link for the paper that goes with the excel.


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Test Your Hypothesis
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Spearman’s rank correlation rho

data:  dat$Attractive and dat$Happy
S = 60303, p-value = 0.00000405
alternative hypothesis: true rho is not equal to 0
sample estimates:

SD= 5.913199

[1] 2.512275
[1] 0.5892755
[1] 3.634512
[1] 0.716609

•Background information on the topic
•2 APA-style citations of research that supports your
•How you will test your hypothesis

•Must have at least age and gender for demographics
(Unless Reddit or Twitter data)
•Can have two datasets if you can merge them somehow
•Citations for dataset(s)
•Description of scales (if relevant)
•How did you consolidate them? Take the mean? Sum? Median?
• Citations for scales
•How many points were the scale on? (1-5? 1-3? 1-7?)
•Did you have to reverse-score any items?

• Sample size
• Demographics (Mean and SD for age, frequency for gender)
• Mean and standard deviations/frequencies for all variables (in APA-style table)
• What kind of correlation (or other statistical tests) will you use?
• APA-style correlation reported
• Results in plain English (what do those numbers mean?)

• Restate results. Do they support your hypothesis? Yes or no?
•Implications of results and how they fit into previous literature
• Limitations
• Future directions (what study would you do to follow this up?)For more information on test your hypothesis check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statistical_hypothesis_testing#:~:text=A%20hypothesis%20test%20specifies%20which,%2Dof%2Dfit%20measure).




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