Revived Palestinian National Movement

Hahn Tapper & Sucharov, Chapter 8 (“BDS”)

Articles and Op-Eds

Nathan Thrall, “How a Controversial Non-Violent Movement has Transformed the Israeli-Palestinian Debate,”– Qy3f6jfvjl0


Omar H. Rahman, “Co-existence vs. Co-resistance: A case against normalization,” +972 Magazine (3 January 2012)


Bennett Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, “We’re Ben and Jerry. Men of Ice Cream, Men of Principles.” the New York Times (28 July 2021)


Rashid Khalidi, “A Revived Palestinian National Movement Could Upend the Status Quo,” Foreign Affairs (available through the Carleton library if there’s a website paywall) (30 June 2021)

will post a 275-word discussion of the readings/films, concluding with identifying a question(s) that the author(s)/filmmaker(s) doesn’t/don’t addressFor more information on Revived Palestinian National Movemen check on this:

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