Theoretical Applications

You will be using secondary data to find information on the topic and write an analysis on the information you found. Your secondary data must be what you retrieved from major sources of data such as the department of data and bureau of justice this is where you will find charts, tables ,&  statistics to show the data you have found and you will write an analysis on the information gathered your findings must be interpreted and your analysis needs to be where present your theoretical applications. Your own analysis which may have dissimilar points needs to present the secondary data that you found then analyze what it means is it the same as what others found is the time period of data different? Or are there other variables that may explain what is different or similar ?

This section is your main body , which presents your original research findings, analysis and links to your relevant references, literature citations, and the applied theories.    ​

Down below i will include some articles which i have found in reference to this topic . However you must still find your secondary data and can compare what you found to other findings  For more information on theoretical applications check on this:

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