Changing Supervisor Attitudes

Community Policing Final Project

There is tremendous research supporting the value of and impact community policing has on improving police-community relations while reducing crime. However, community policing is not without challenges. Some of the challenges are:

·      Defining community

·      Defining roles

·      Changing supervisor attitudes

·      Reorienting police values

·      Revising training

·      Reorienting recruiting and

·      Reaching out to every community

For this assignment, I want you to imagine that you are the newly hired chief of Police tasked with building and implementing community policing within your department. In a 3–4 page paper, I want you to develop and discuss your plan to address each of the challenges listed above. Use Google Scholar to find journals or articles for this assignment.

Assignment details

·      APA format (use in-text citations)

·      Must have an introduction and conclusion

·      3-4 pages double spaced using 12-point Times New Romans Font

·      Include a separate reference page at the end.

·      Use at least 3-5 references outside of the textbook.For more information on ·      Changing supervisor attitudes check on this:

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