Exhaustion Doctrine

After reading the article “Court Says Exhaustion Doctrine Applies to Imported Textbooks, But Not Genetically Modified Seeds” 49_Tenn._B.J._14,_(1).pdf listed in the “Additional Resources” section, please prepare a three to four page written summary double-space with standard one-inch margins using the following guidelines and the grading rubric.

Each journal review paper should contain the following information:

• Student Name

• Article Citation

• Article Summary (bulleted list): The student must list five to ten key points from the article.

• Special Insights: These might include questions raised but not answered by the article or particular applications to the student’s personal/professional life.

See attachment  For more information on Exhaustion Doctrine  check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exhaustion_doctrine_under_U.S._law

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