North End of Boston

Please answer the following 3 questions.
1. Analyze components of any given language from a cross-cultural perspective. You may use the same language you chose for your “Ecology of Language” project.

2. Evaluate the changing features of a given language in different parts of society.) Prompt: Texting, messaging, and Twitter have resulted in the development of new abbreviations, acronyms, rebus writing, and emoticons. This is a system that is continuing to evolve. Who was most likely to be using these new forms of writing 10 and 15 years ago, and who wasn’t? How does that differ from their use, today? How do you explain this change?

3. Discuss the significance of sub-cultural membership and linguistic expression). Prompt: Earlier in the semester, we saw two videos – one of a young man in the North End of Boston, speaking a distinctive North End dialect; the other of two men on Beacon Hill, speaking the distinctive Boston Brahmin dialect. What do these dialects tell us about their speakers? How did the speakers seem to feel about their dialects? Which dialect do you prefer, and why? How do you think people who don’t speak either dialect respond to them?

Here are addresses for the two videos:

and  For more information on North End of Boston check on this:,_Boston

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