History in Fashion

This assignment is really important to me as it has 25% of my final grade. so please make sure you are watching the videos and completing the chart professionally and in a proper format.
I will attach the assignment outline below so please make sure you will fill the chart with details, with correct format for choosing a research question and interview questions. please spend time on each criteria for specific and proper answers.
the topic needs to be related to fashion and the research question needs to be a professional concern in fashion industry. it can be related to any thing such as sustainability in fashion, history in fashion, technology in fashion, … .
before completing the assignment please make sure you will watch the tutorial videos below for properly writing interview questions the way our professor has mentioned.
watch the video below for writing proper interview questions
Link: https://courses.ryerson.ca/d2l/le/content/513205/viewContent/3986973/View
instructions on accessing the video above. click on the link and it first brings you to a page which you need to enter Ryerson’s username and password.

username: sshahmohammadi
password: Bottega333$

then it brings the file, you need to click on the file and after that ignore the email address and password part and just click on “SSO” option below the page. type “Ryerson” for the domain. and then it asks you the access password which is dT*8$y9a . Now you have access to the video. please watch this video.

please watch these 2 videos as well:

username: sshahmohammadi
password: Bottega333$
I will also attach another word file which might help for writing the interview questions and other parts.
please let me know if you need any further help  For more information on history in fashion check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_fashion_design

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