Marriage and Family

You will need to write a 5 page paper linking the movie you have chosen to the topics we have discussed in this course. The report should be 5 pages long, double spaced, 12 point font. You will be graded on providing an appropriate short summary of the movies, of the topic/theory you have chosen, and how this theme is portrayed in each movie.


You should link the movies to  one key topic/theory we have studied in class. I will be looking for an in-depth analysis of the theme as it is portrayed in the movies, rather than a superficial mention of topics that are present. In order to make that evidently clear, I ask that you underline each topic you introduce. (see the paragraph below for an example of how to underline).

For example, in some of the movies, family violence is heavily featured – you could choose to discuss how the violence is portrayed in the movie and compare it to the data we learned on violence in the class, from chapter 11 in our textbook. You could look into the storyline for a portrayal of intimate partner violence, and then describe how the movie used that concept.

Or perhaps, you could see how the issue of parenting is portrayed in the movie , discussing the various parenting styles, and how each character embodies a particular style or not.

The movie is – The escape, On Netflix, ANd breathe Normally, netflix, Border- Hulu  For more information on

Marriage and Family

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