Factors Affecting the Evaluation Process


Your document for this project will be submitted to WebCT (Assignment 2) in one of the
following file formats: ASCII, MS Word, or PDF

This research paper will be evaluated on the content and clarity of each section as well as the
effectiveness with which the document is organized and planned.

Factors affecting the evaluation process include the purpose, significance, merit of the
investigation and the results of the research..

Topics:  Software Process Improvement

Note: These are topics not titles for your paper

To Start:  Read chapter 28 and 29

Select about three or four research level papers and review and discuss the authors’ findings.

Your paper will be a document that contains the key elements and methods necessary to aide in
discussions for further investigation.

Your paper must include a well-defined direction and review of the influential research in
your subject area that was the basis for your paper.

The paper must be between 12-15 pages and include a minimum of 8 citations, do not exceed
max pages. Each citation in the paper must appear in the reference list.

Use proper journals such as IEEE and ACM. No trade publications, No web references, and No
book references (except course book).
Keep your references as current as possible.

Form and Style.

Your paper should pay close attention to maintaining a consistent flow in form.  The document
must be well written and should be proofread for detail and accuracy.  The paper should follow
the basic framework for a scientific paper should answer the following questions:

What is the Problem?
Why is it a problem?  (Author that made the claim i.e., Reference paper)
How did you address it?  (3-4 authors work on Problem)
What were the results?
What is your conclusion and where is this work going (additional challenges)

Further definition of structure would be:

1)  Define your problem. or area of investigation
2)  State your goal of the paper
3)  Why is this work significant and relevant?
4)  Review current research in your area of choice. (your three papers)
5)  Summary, conclusion and future work.

Left-hand 1.5 inches, all other 1 inch
Double spacing
Page Numbers:
Arabic numerals in the upper right hand corner.
Type style.
12 point, Times Roman or similar Serif typeface



Methodology, goal, significant, relevance, summary, conclusion and future work:

Refer to the Nova Southeastern University Dissertation Guide.

References and Citation:

Follow the APA guidelines for references and citations.For more information on Factors affecting the evaluation process check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evaluation


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