Discuss the cultural Attitudes

Write an essay of 3 pages (650 to 750 words) in response to this prompt:

You have read a number of essays by a variety of authors who sought, in different ways, to understand the geography and culture of a foreign land.  As a modern-day reader, you have had to attempt what might be called a double feat of intercultural competence because you had to understand the cultures of the authors and the cultures of the places they described.  In your essay, you should (a) evaluate and discuss the cultural attitudes of the authors of three of the assigned readings, noting the ways in which they differ from attitudes that are common today; (b) identify the essay (of the three you have chosen) that you think most effectively explains geography, culture, and the relation between them, and (c) reflect on the ethical responsibility of writers who undertake to write about foreign lands.  In this last reflection, you should consider that a writer has an ethical obligation to his or her subject and his or her readers.  A writer must be fair to the subject about whom he writes, but also honest with the reader for whom he writes, and this can create an ethical dilemma/For more information on check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture

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