Introductory Essay

–    Browse the Guggenheim archive and select an art exhibition catalogue
–    Read an introductory essay about the exhibition (sometimes there are numerous essays, just read one that informs you of the themes/purpose/context of the exhibition) and view the artworks.
–    Make sure your submission follows the example and is set up in the same way.
–    150 word min. for your catalogue description. In your description answer these questions:
–    A description should provide your reader with an overview of what you read in the introductory essay and observed from the artworks. Explain the theme or purpose of this exhibition, in your own words. Consider the materials, medium, color, form, texture and content of the artworks. What did you find interesting in the exhibition?
–    Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced
–    Submit to turn it in link

Example- follow the model below and include all BOLDED headers for each section:For more information on introductory essay check on this:

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