Environmental Disease

The debate as to whether cancer is a genetic or environmental disease, or a combination of both is on-going.  The literature describes various research approaches designed to “disentangle” genetic and or environmental effect on the development of the disease. Twin studies and adoption studies are two research strategies used to understand whether genes or the environment are more influential in the development of disease.

Write a comparative analysis that compares and contrasts the two studies specific to:

1. The study objectives and hypothesis of each

2. Study design and research methods used of each

3.  Conclusion of the two studies.

4. Your analysis should include your thoughts (critical analysis) on which of the two studies offers the strongest evidence supporting the conclusions and why. You can include reference to other peer-review work (additional articles) to support your own conclusions  For more information on environmental disease check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_disease

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