Literature Review

The topic of the paper is “Does financial aid affect educational performance in college, and what factors explain this effect? “. This study is focused strictly on NY.

Please select 4-5 articles that are the most relevant and useful for the topic from the annotated bibliography attached. Read these articles carefully and think about them.  Please write an essay that discusses your research topic based on the key themes found in these articles.  Be sure to write a careful review of the 4-5 articles which makes clear what each article has to contribute to the topic.  Focus on the key themes and findings of each article.  Think about how they form a “conversation” about the topic.  This brief literature review should be 6 pages.

Be sure to include a Works Cited page and to properly cite the articles throughout the paper.

At the start of the paper, be sure to clearly introduce the topic.  Be sure to define the topic according to the literature.  Provide the boundaries of the study (population, area, time period, for example.).  Explain the topic’s importance to New York.

If you cannot find 4-5 articles that are suitable from the bibliography attached, you may conduct additional research. For more information on

literature review

check on this:

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