Criminal Law

a. Identify your current District Representative in the US House of Representatives. If you are not in the United States; you can pick a current representative or use an elected official from your country.
b. Begin by telling the Rep. why you are writing.
c. Write in your own words – tell the Rep. who you are and how the issue will affect you (based on your role in the assignment).
d. Give 3 reasons why you are in favor, or against the bill. Suggest one change you would make to the bill based on your research. Your arguments must be supported by case law. You are to research at least two court cases that support your position. Explain the facts and holding of the court case; explain how each court case supports your position; provide the full citation of each case. (Many cases are cited in the Brown case.)
e. Ask the Rep. for a response.For more information on

Criminal law

check on this:

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