Social Media Strategies

Use this textbook for information and any references:

Introduction to Public Relations Strategies and Tactics-updated 11th edition Dennis L Wilcox/Glen Cameron/Bryan Reber ISBN 9780134003559 or 9780205960644


Case Activity:  A Social Media Presence for Goodwill Industries p 385

Read the case and provide a brief summary:

Explanation of the current situation-background, customer or market, product
Describe the goal/issue or problem/opportunity
Current public relations response to date
Ethical implications, if there are any.
Complete the writing prompt.

1. Given Goodwill’s absence of social media, as presented in the case, in the Greater Washington DC Metro Area Market and the emerging issue with the Goodwill what social media strategies would you recommend?

2. Then check out Goodwill’s website-what social media channels are they using?  Are they using them effectively?  What recommendations would you make?For more information on social media strategies check on this:


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