Risk Identification

A large airline company was working with a dated campaign management software system, using a version that was no longer being supported by the software vendor. Compounding their outbound campaign issues, their campaign initiatives constantly changed ownership, their historical campaign data was not being captured accurately and there were all too frequent marketing operation issues.  They were ready to take a fresh look at their marketing ‘wants & needs’ and align them with a more current version of EMM (Links to an external site.) (Enterprise Marketing Management) software to incorporate some of the industry’s newer functionality – enhancing their marketing organizations capabilities while providing a solid foundation for future growth and flexibility.



The organization selected to create a solution to help solve this problem has asked that you be the project manager.  As the project manager, you read the above business problem and recognize risk management will need to be a major part of this initiative from beginning to end.  Based on what you have learned in this class and some research you realize right away there are other issues that may be of consideration, both internally and externally.  Sure you don’t know the organization but you can research the industry.

The project sponsor wants to know what your thoughts are about risk management as it relates to this project.  Make sure you consider:  the project type, the potential issues, the state of the airline industry during this pandemic, potential stakeholders, risk analysis, risk identification, risk documents/communications, metrics, risk monitoring, risk control, etc…  Everything is on the for this effort.  Supporting evidence is something you must incorporate.  Your write up must be at least 4 pages long and in APA format.  Remember, details are important here and your paper needs to have good transitions from one thought to the next.  Since there is not a lot of information provided you will have to make some assumptions based on facts related to the airline industry.  Make sure you explain these assumptions if they dictate your actions in any way.  There is no one right answer.

https://www.trustradius.com/enterprise-marketing-managementFor more information on risk identification check on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Risk_management

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