Spirituality of Eating

you must  integrate various areas covered below. (attached as PDF)
Describe your own spiritual and theological beliefs about food and food justice. The paper should refer to the course readings and therefore be grounded in research, not merely anecdotal reflection, although experiences will certainly inform your beliefs.

the  paper should cover the following key points:

Briefly (i.e. no more than 1-1.5 pages) explain the beliefs held at the beginning of the course about food, food justice, and their connection to religion/spirituality.
Then elaborate on your new spirituality of eating (i.e. food ethic) by:
Identifying key ideas, concepts, and circumstances that inform your food ethic and why these ideas/concepts/circumstances matter to you.

Using texts from the assigned reading or other outside sources. (Attached Below as PDF)
You should end the paper by giving an example of how you would apply your food ethic in everyday life (i.e. when eating at home, shopping for food, eating out, etc.).For more information on spirituality of eating check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fasting

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