Black Women

– You should have an introductory paragraph explaining your topic, followed by the images.
– Make sure you use 6 readings from the syllabus
– There should be a common theme among the 6 images you select.
– You can choose videos, films, pictures, paintings, and photographs. All forms of visual media are accepted.
– Your analysis per image will be at least 200 words, and please make sure to deconstruct the different systems of representations at work.
-You should be thinking about the following questions as you analyze the image: What is it about? Why is it important? What does it represent? Is there any historical significance? How is it connected to your theme? What is your argument?
Critique the readings and include your voice in the analysis.
– If you need to include a brief background on your images or videos, please include that in the appendix so it doesn’t take words away from your analysis.
– Make proper citations.
– If Quotes are longer than 4 sentences please paraphrase them into your own words.
– I have provided the images to you in a docx with the image address and link address, so that you may be able to access the website the image came from so that you can understand the content from it.
– I also provide a brief background on the category of images in the docx so that you may be able to understand the historical context behind it.For more information on

Oversexulation of the Black Women

check on this:

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