Policy Proposal

For this assignment, you will finish writing a document resembling a policy brief. Since all this is too much to tackle in one assignment, we will split in three. In PART 3 (this submission) you will elaborate on your policy proposal by developing a visually attractive proposal, identifying how your policy proposal will be implemented and who will do it, and identifying potential challenges for the implementation of your proposal.

To address these goals, you will continue working on the text submitted as Part 1, and will add the following sub-sections:

• Implementation plan: This section will account for 35% of your grade. In this section, you will
provide additional details on your policy proposal. You will identify the following information:
o Who will implement your policy proposal? Identify the agency or agencies that will
implement your policy proposal. Implementation entails, among other things, ensuring
that people are complying with the policy.
o Why this agency/these agencies and not others?

• Potential challenges in the implementation of this plan: This section will account for 45% of
your grade. Now that you have listed the problem, the stakeholders, the causes of the problem,
have proposed a policy solution, and have identified who will oversee implementing this
policy solution, your job in this segment is to think critically about the implementation realities.
This entails addressing the following:
o Does the organization in charge of implementation have the resources to follow through
with your policy?

o Identify three potential problems that you anticipate with the implementation of your
policy proposal. Explain what each of them means and how feasible it will be for your
agency/agencies to address them. NOTE: This should be realistic and defensible. This
could entail that you tweak your policy proposal. You can do so, but you cannot say
things like “the implementation challenges will make it impossible to implement my
policy”. In that case, adjust your policy accordingly  For more information on policy proposal check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Policies_and_guidelines

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