Human Resources Department

This week, we will cap off our course in ethics and advocacy by putting the skills we’ve practiced in the class to use in the “real world.” Before beginning this assignment, brainstorm a few advocacy issues that you are passionate about. Perhaps you have deeply held convictions regarding end of life care, the allocation of PPE, hazard pay for staff working extra shifts, or the adoption of a cutting edge infection control practice.

You may choose to write a letter to a “decision maker” or person in a position of power advocating for a positive change in policy or practice. This authority figure could be your direct supervisor, the human resources department in your organization, even a senator or other political leader. The goal of this letter will be to advocate for patients or the profession of respiratory care through communication with leaders in a position to bring about a positive change.

***I chose the Allocation of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)For more information on human resources department check on this:

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