Topics of Comparison


You will write a comparison paper in APA style. This will be a comparison of two different professions that you are interested in. The professions will be X-RAY Tech and you can use any other health profession to compare it to but you need to use Xray for one of them. You must include an introduction with both included a body with various topics of comparison, and a conclusion that wraps up the entire comparison and why you chose a certain field. The paper must be properly cited according to APA style, you must have a title page as well as a reference page. Ensure you are using valid reference sources for your information. The rubric will be posted, utilize your resources at the college such as the writing center to assist you if needed. The paper should contain at least a minimum of five references although more is always welcome. The paper should consist of at least five different topics that you are using as comparisons for the body. You can use more if you want to.For more information on topics of comparison check on this:

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