Social Work Interest

School of Social Work: (500-1000 words, maximum of 5 pages) Use the following points as a guide to summarize your volunteer and professional background:
What experiences – professional, educational and organizational – led to or confirmed your interest in social work? If you considered another field before choosing social work, discuss your reason for wanting to make this change.
What are the reasons for your decision to obtain graduate social work education at this time? What are your expectations of graduate social work education? What area(s) of difficulty do you anticipate? What have you done or are doing to address the difficulties?
Please discuss a current issue in society related to social work and what you think are possible solutions to resolving the issue.
What areas of social work interest you particularly?

I am applying for graduate school and they are asking for a statement of purpose letter. I need help. I started an internship for a middle school. I am interested in the area of school social work. I am applying for hunter college masters in social work  For more information on social work interest check on this:

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