Populism in Russia

The 21st Century has seen a significant rise in Populist Politics around the world. Taking the country of your choice as an example, look at the direct and indirect causes of this phenomenon, and its short-term and potential long-term effects.
Drawing on your critical reading, information literacy, and citation skills, research, plan, and write a well-structured essay with a funnel introduction ending in a clear thesis.  Topic sentences for each paragraph should be explained and substantiated with logical reasoning and cited evidence (Harvard Anglia Ruskin format).
NB: Your Reference List should contain at least one academic journal article, and 6 – 10 sources in total.
1500 words (text only): write this on the Title page of your essay.For more information on

Populism in russia

check on this:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narodniks

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