Preventative Health Measures


In this essay the evidence requirements you will be covering come from Core and Mandatory Units as follows:

    Heath, Wellbeing and Safeguarding

Assessment Task and Instructions

Word count will be 1300 plus 10% leeway either way.

You are asked to undertake research to provide evidence of your understanding of the health, wellbeing and safeguarding issues for those who access provision from social services care and/or education settings.  This includes the role of preventative and protective health measures.

The Evidence Requirements from the Core Units that will be captured in this Research Project are as follows:

    Evaluate 2 current policy initiatives and 2 preventative health measures designed to promote health and manage risk.
    Describe and evaluate 2 priority frameworks related to health inequalities.
    Define and explain role of early intervention in one area of practice.
    Describe and evaluate 2 examples of risk enablement which promote individual’s rights.For more information on preventative health measures check on this:

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