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Scholars who take computer science, are required to master ciphering, information computation robotization, and other difficult tasks. This scares most of the students because of the demanding nature of computer science subjects mostly programming c++. My homeworkwriters got you covered with all computer science assignments. An example of a computer science assignment is;


Programing c++

1. Company A employs two types of workers: full-time and part-time workers. These workers enjoy the following remuneration:

a) Create an abstract class Worker, which records the name, sales (the total sales of a particular month), commission and remuneration (the total remuneration). Create a pure virtual function called calculate() that calculates remuneration, a mutator function to set sales and a virtual function called print() that prints the name, sales and the remuneration. (3 marks)

b) Create a class for each type of worker that are inherited from the abstract class Worker. Override the calculate() function according to the table above and the print() function to print the worker’s category after the original print() function of Worker has been executed. (5 marks)

c) Overload the + and << operator for Worker. The + operation will add the remuneration of two Worker objects, while the << operator will print out the name of the Worker object. (2 marks)

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