Computer science

Single-Port Memory With A Size Of 1GB Computer Science Assignment Help

Scholars who do computer studies acquire a lot of benefits from the subject. It is a wide scope and a facet that involves using analytical methods for problem-solving in our daily lives. Students doing computer science studies often find it hard to draft, evolve and scrutinize software as well as hardware. My homework writers are […]

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Programming C++ Computer Science Assignment Help

Scholars who take computer science, are required to master ciphering, information computation robotization, and other difficult tasks. This scares most of the students because of the demanding nature of computer science subjects mostly programming c++. My homeworkwriters got you covered with all computer science assignments. An example of a computer science assignment is;   Programing […]

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The Future of Cloud Computing

Please select from one of the following topics, which are addressed in the course textbook, Introduction to Computer Literacy: o Collaborative Technologies (covered in Chapter 1) o Ethical Concerns in Computing (covered in Chapter 1) o The Digital Divide (covered in Chapter 1) o Open Source Software (covered in Chapter 3) o The Impact of […]

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Deserts and Selective Incapacitation

Write the differences between just deserts and selective incapacitation. i really only need a paragraph which i don’t think is worth 37$  For more information on deserts and selective incapacitation check on this:

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Resistance to Power

You are required to submit a 12-15 page paper that systematically and critically examines an aspect of power and/or resistance to power from a sociological perspective. Women and power in the workplace is the topic  For more information on resistance to power check on this:

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Reflective Essay

You need to edit a 2500-word reflective essay Before editing , please read my school PPTs and two e-books first. Requirement: Edit this draft by reading the teacher’s feedbacks My dream job is about cybersecurity. Reference: Use some references and some techniques from the school PPTs and two e-books.For more information on  reflective essay check […]

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System Analysis and Design

1) Body of paper must be 3 pages | 12 pitch | Times Roman | Double Spaced 2) 1- annotated bibliography page. -Cover Page (not included in body) Reference Page (not included in body) . Above is the instructions for the paper.For more information on System Analysis and Design check on this:

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Copying and Pasting

a)    A detailed research report (in research paper format) with abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology or description of algorithms, results and discussion, conclusion, references and appendix in separate chapters. b)    Separately attach the computer programs developed with output with your test runs. How the project will be evaluated: i.    Authentication:  The most important of all […]

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