Implementation Strategies

Instructions- Also see attached for clear instructions


Step 1
For the assignment, you are to propose either a change to an existing technological tool/advance/innovation used in a healthcare system or propose a new one related to nursing.

I chose: Telemedicine, but here are some other suggestions:
– Artificial Intelligence
-Vein finder
– Automatic medication administration

You can choose whichever one that you feel you can get the most research out of.

Remember, it is through technology in healthcare, care is reshaped. Care is transformed not only in the hospital setting but in the rural settings as well

Step 2
Outline for research assignment. Each paragraph must be labeled:
Literature review
A need for the product or
Proposal idea
Implementation strategies
Evaluation ideas
Financial implications

Step 3
A minimum of five recent (within the last 5 years), scholarly, peer-reviewed articles are required. Provide all references in APA format.For more information on Implementation strategies check on this:


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