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Accounting is important in the world today because no government or private institution can run well without background information on it. Therefore, accounting is a subject taught in schools but many learners assume it is laborious despite being examined. You can get the assignment done with us. Below is an example of questions asked.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is an Indian government-owned oil and gas corporation. It is under the ownership of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It operates two large refineries in Kochi and Mumbai. The trial balance of BPCL as on 31.3.2021 is given below:

trial balance

Adjustments ( Cr.): (). Corporate Tax @ 30%

(i). Outstanding Salaries Rs.42.

(ii). Depreciation on Equipment @ 10% per annum and

(iv). Proposed dividend Rs.2 per Share.

NOTE: Answer the following questions in separate pages. Mark each question number on every page.

a. Statement of Profit and Loss for the year ending 31.3.2021- 5 Marks

b. Prepare relevant Notes and Calculate Earnings per Share – 5 Marks c. Balance Sheet as on 31.3.2021 with relevant notes – 5 Marks.

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